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News & Resources >>The Anatomy of a MORSŲ Chopper Blade

The Dan-List Company in Denmark manufactures the MORSŲ machines and blades. The tool steel used for the cutting edge on the MORSŲ blade is formulated of Austrian steel with a Rockwell hardness of 64 and must be special ordered by Dan-List one year in advance of delivery. The cutting edge is attached to the tool's body and then carefully heat tempered with Dan-List's own secret process. The knife is then precision surface ground to thickness, hollow ground with the grinding wheel between 8" and 10" diameter at 30° to the face of the knife, then hand honed and deburred.

No other blade on the market can offer you the precision and longevity of a MORSŲ blade. You may find several generic blades available, but in order for you to consistently offer your customers high quality corners you should only use MORSŲ blades serviced to MORSŲ specifications and not accept any substitutes. There are no generic blades made to the same Rockwell hardness. In many cases, they are not hollow ground or hand honed.

To check your own MORSŲ knives after they have been sharpened to see if they are hollow-ground, simply place any straight edge (i.e. a credit card) across the sharpened edge. If you are able to see light under the card this means that the surface is concave indicating that the knife has been hollow-ground. If it is parallel to the card, this is a definite indication that the knives have not been properly sharpened. Also, no grinding should ever be done on the flat surface of the knife (the surface that faces the operator).

Get Your Blades Sharpened! Tech Mark offers an excellent knife sharpening service in which the blades are hollow ground to the manufacturer's exact specifications. We sharpen chopper blades for customers throughout the contiguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and the Caribbean. The standard sharpening charge is $27 for MORSO blades, $52 for knives that are currently flat ground and need to be correctively sharpened or knives that are excessively chipped. We also sharpen Pistorius, Jyden, Hansen, Framers Corner, and all other Guillotine knives. Turnaround is approximately 48 hours.

Protect your investment with our hardwood blade shipping & storage box $20. Call us today to order or the next time you have your blades sharpened tell us you want them returned in one of these boxes!

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