Fully Automatic Electric/Hydraulic mitering Machine

  • Automatically cuts the work piece in two cuts leaving you with a clean, smooth cut.
  • Knife block returns to its starting position after cutting is finished.
  • Machine works continuously without manually adjusting the horizontal position of the knife block.
  • Most efficient machine for repetitive work

Technical Specifications

Double miter 45°
Single miter up to 90°
Cutting width max. 100 mm (4")
Cutting height max. 180 mm (7")
Square cutting 70/70 mm (2 3/4")
Measuring scale up to 1500 mm (60")
Motor, single phase 1, 1 kW
Motor, three phase 1, 1 kW
Pumping capacity 7 l./min.
Working pressure 80 bar
Power transmission 660 kilos
Tank contents 8 liter

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