Sanding Brushes

For production line or hand machine sanding jobs, PolishStyl's sanding brushes provide the perfect tools for surface finishing. With a variety of natural materials, grains, and cuts to choose from, you can rest assured you'll get the most efficient sanding brush that provides optimal results. Depending on the job, you may consider metal grip brushes, like

  • DERTamp- brush with abrasive cloth made with aluminum oxide or silicon carbide
  • TAMP- Tampico fiber supporting brush
  • LEATHERTamp- Natural leather polishing brush
  • HORSET- horse hair brush used for cleaning and dusting
  • W/Tamp- non-woven abrasive fabric brush used for sanding and cleaning
  • ABRAT- abralon fiber brush used for light structuring

Or, if you're looking for a brush with a plastic grip, check out our

  • DERTamp/F –brush with abrasive cloth made with aluminum oxide or silicon carbide
  • Tamp/F- Tampico fiber supporting brush
  • DERTamp2/F- two lines of Tampico with AlO or SiC used for sanding
  • Tamp2/F- two lines of Tampico used as supporting brush
  • 2DERTamp/F- AlO or SiC two sided sanding brush
  • 2 DERTamp2/F- sanding brush with two lines of Tampico and either AlO or SiC

Type: W /Tamp metal grip

Sanding cleaning brush with

non woven abrasive fabric

Type: ABRAT metal grip

Light Structuring brush with Abralon


Type: DERTamp /F plastic grip

Sanding brush with abrasive cloth

Possible types:

AIO - aluminum oxide

SIC - silicon oxide

Type: Tamp /F plastic grip

Supporting brush with Tampico fiber